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Does it feel real, at least real enough to pull me in and hold me for pages or so? I work very, very hard to get the details in my books right, and nothing pleases me more than hearing a reader say that they used one of my novels as a guidebook to Bangkok, or Singapore, or Hong Kong. Make book on it. I show up every day and I put in my eight hours at the factory.

Aey and I have been married for almost 25 years.

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We have two sons, one of whom is a fashion photographer and the other is in his last year of studying economics at university. After diving into Chapter One of The Dead American, I will provide you with links to help you follow this intriguing author. The sun was a flickering smudge and the caramel-colored air smelled of earth and rot. Singapore, the diminutive island state known for its blue skies, dazzling sunlight, and green environment, was drowning in crap.


When Tay heard that last part, he knew this was really serious. Before now, Tay had no idea Singapore even had a pollutants index, but for weeks now it had been the only thing anyone talked about. Every television channel was broadcasting warnings that breathing the air was hazardous to health. Were they telling him not to breathe at all, Tay wondered, or merely urging him not to breathe any more than absolutely necessary?

Heavy smoke from slash and burn agriculture in Indonesia had plagued Singapore for decades, but this was the dirtiest air Tay had ever seen. Blinking stung his eyes and breathing burned his throat. The city looked like it had been taken over by an antisocial cult. The bell outside his front gate rang and Tay stopped contemplating the foul air.

Thailand: Recommended Reading

He also stayed right where he was. When his doorbell rang, it was always important. A year ago, he would have answered without a second thought. But a year ago the world was a very different place. Mad men had not yet blown up half of Singapore.

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He had been quickly exonerated and returned to duty, of course, but then eight months later he had been suspended again. He ordered a new investigation and a new suspension for Tay until the second investigation was concluded. Tay had not been all that surprised. There were senior officers in the Singapore police force that had been trying for years to get rid of him. The incident should have been a simple case of a police officer defending himself and another officer. Or even twice. The bell outside the gate rang again. Off hand, Tay could think of only one person not involved with police work who had rung his doorbell in the last few years, and that was Cindy Shaw.

Cindy was either a widow or divorced. She had made her interest in him so plain and pursued it so embarrassingly it had become a major preoccupation of his life to avoid her at all costs. Some neighborhoods had angry, snarling dogs people had to avoid whenever they left their houses. His neighborhood had Cindy Shaw. He would have preferred angry, snarling dogs.

Tay pondered the two rings of his doorbell and asked himself again whether he was going to answer it.

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He cocked his head and studied the dirty brown sky. Somewhere up there he found the answer written on the smog. I sincerely thank Mr. Needham for taking time from his busy writing and touring schedule to introduce us to his growing number of works. I hope the American public will soon come to recognize him as the Asian people have done. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Search for:. Toggle navigation. Menu Skip to content. He describes himself as follows: Jake Needham is the author of eight popular international crime novels. Hundreds are dead and thousands are injured. Singapore is bleeding. He's made serious enemies in Singapore's Internal Security Department, and he has even more enemies at the American embassy, so Tay is assigned routine cases while his colleagues join with the CIA and the FBI in a feverish search for the bombers.

Three days after the explosions, the smell of death still sticky in the city's air, Tay is sent to a run-down apartment near the Malaysian border, where two children have found the body of a Caucasian male with a broken neck. Tay feels an immediate connection with the dead man, although he doesn't think he has ever seen him before.

As Tay searches the dead man's past for clues to who he was and who his killer might have been, Tay's own past begins to give up its secrets. A long-dead father he can barely remember reaches out of the grave to point to the truth about both the murdered man and the bombings.

The Umbrella Man: Assassination of JFK

And the horror of Singapore's destruction becomes a personal horror for Samuel Tay. Complex, fascinating, refreshing.

Crime in the City: Singapore, World Capital of the Cozy Mystery | CrimeReads

Who was your favorite character and why? Inspector Tay, with a few flaws, which makes his character so interesting. I can see him so clearly, addicted to cigarettes which most of us hate, always thinking, a very clever fellow, I found him fascinating and loved his approach to detection of crime. He seems shy but this is a man who adheres to respect, tradition, and honor. He does things his way and don't get in his face because he's going around you.

I loved this narrator, he did an excellent job. He put a voice to a character that I love and gave him life. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? This is a thinking man's or women's book.