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1. Decide on KDP Select vs. KDP
  1. Kindle Publishing FAQ | TCK Publishing
  2. How to Publish a Book in 12222: A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Timers
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Are you looking to build your reputation, expand your business, create an additional income stream, or simply share your passion with the world?

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Your aim will help dictate the kind of Kindle book you want to write. Keep the end in mind as you narrow down a topic for your book. Write down every possible idea you have for a Kindle book that fits with your goal. Take your top three or four best ideas, and try to narrow the topics further into sub-niches. For example, rather than writing a book on solving relationship problems, you might write on dealing with financial conflict in marriage. Readers want the details and step-by-step instructions on how to do something. They want specific, quantifiable actions, not just surface ideas and interesting concepts.

1. Decide on KDP Select vs. KDP

Before you dive into writing your book around one of your narrowed-down niches, make sure there are plenty of people searching for the topic. You may need to log in to your Google account once you land on the page. Type in your keywords or keyword phrases related to your sub-niche.

Now it gets more interesting! So what does this information tell you? It tells you there are thousands of people a month on Google searching for information about putting together their own will. You can also visit a site called Merchant Words to look up keywords that rank on Amazon. This is a paid service with a modest monthly fee, but you can do a few searches for free. Go to the Kindle store, and type in your keywords or phrase. This was surprising since the topic ranked well on Google and Merchant words.

Kindle Publishing FAQ | TCK Publishing

None of the overall sales ranks for these few books was under 50, There were many more books under this topic, several with high rankings. You can potentially fill a void of information or give a different twist to a tired topic. If you have a blog, a mailing list of followers, or a strong social media presence, consider surveying these people to find out their level of interest in your potential topic. You can also find Facebook groups, forums, and other online groups where you can read what people are discussing related to your topic.

Not only will this help you determine the need in the marketplace, but also it will give you great information for the content of your book. Begin by outlining what you want to include in the book. There are so many ways to outline, but I generally start by creating chapter titles and adding bullet points for what I want to include in each chapter. This is the hardest step for most people. Tell your readers what your book is about so they know what they will get out of reading it.

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  5. For bonus points, use keywords that your readers are searching for to increase your chances of being found. Here are 5 more tips for naming your book. Make sure it is well written , interesting and informative enough to give your readers a good idea of what your book is about.

    You can use some HTML to make your description more engaging. This can be a pen name if you like. As author, you own the publishing rights to your book, click here to verify that. You can choose up to two categories for your book. Choose these carefully as they help your intended readers to find your book.

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    How to Publish a Book in 12222: A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Timers

    I usually decide on the categories based on competing books that are performing well. The more specific the niche your category falls into, the more likely it will be found by the right people. Search keywords help your book to be found by people who are searching Amazon for relevant topics. I choose these keywords based on merchant words, Google Keyword Tool and competitors. You can make changes to it at any stage after publishing if needs be.

    Getting Started

    Your cover image says as much about your book as your title does. To display optimally, read the guidelines to ensure your image is in the required formatting.

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    You will see a window that looks like this:. Essentially, DRM determines if your readers are permitted to lend your book out to others. If you need help with how to format your book correctly read this , or go ahead and upload it in one of the following:. Plain Text TXT. This is a crucial step if you have more complex formatting like tables and graphs. Verify whether you have the rights to distribute your book worldwide or only in certain territories.