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  1. Pirates of the 21st Century: How Modern-Day Buccaneers are Terrorising the World's Oceans
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  3. Uncertain Waters: Combating Piracy in the 21st Century
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  • Uncertain Waters: Combating Piracy in the 21st Century.
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History celebrates the brave rule-breakers who made the world a better, fairer place. The 21 st century is the information age, but it is also the age of being overwhelmed.

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Our new common enemies are distraction, apathy and anxiety in the face of busyness and complexity. Volume and scale and by this I mean the hundreds of emails you receive every week prevent us from identifying the one small thing we can do.

Pirates of the 20th Century

In the tyrannous fog of choice, we forget that good decision-making requires the ability to hear your intuition. Pirate ships worked precisely because they were a blank state. When a newly recruited pirate stepped aboard, they were free to choose their identity. Social and economic status, the perception of what you could or could not do and all the baggage of your previous life were left behind on shore. So the world has changed, but our methods have not.

Pirates of the 21st Century: How Modern-Day Buccaneers are Terrorising the World's Oceans

Protests can be motivating, but are typically ignored by government, as are petitions. One where people feel connected to the problems that need solving and are enabled to act. And this is much simpler than it sounds. We are all deeply connected to, and immersed in the lives we lead.

If you work in healthcare, stop looking to the Minister for Health to sort out the system.

See a Problem?

You are vital, powerful clink in the chain, you have knowledge and insight he does not; one small move you make could be the key. If only you knew you could! But you can.

The way things are, and not the way they have to be. Step back from the big picture and focus on one small act of rebellion, based on something you know for sure. This is the first step in re-humanising the big systems. Talk to real people, ask them how they feel about a problem.


Uncertain Waters: Combating Piracy in the 21st Century

As of , several international armies have increased their attention toward the piracy around Somali waters. Indian Navy deployed their first warship into Gulf of Aden in October , and in the same year they were joined by the Russia. Currently multinational coalition task force "Combined Task Force " is responsible for the protection of the shipping lanes together with "Maritime Security Patrol Area" which took the role of fighting the Somali piracy.

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After execution the multiyear plan that included better protection of the ships, and coordinated attack on the ground facilities held by pirates , piracy in the area of Somalia was greatly reduced. Many pirates abandoned their attacks and focused their raids to the Somali Basin and the wider Indian Ocean, but even with the coordinated international protection, pirates still manage to capture and pillage many ships each year although that number has decreased from 86 attacks in to just 33 in It is believed that piracy in Somalia has become organized business, and that several criminal warlords have their own fleets of pirate ships.

Pirates of the 21st century - Los Angeles Times

Lucrative cargo and very big ransoms are the main motivation for both warlords and pirates who all receive portion of earned money. During , total of 4, seafarers had been attacked and over has been held hostage by the pirates. In the previous four years, over 60 seafarers have died while being held captive, and during Somali pirates were holding in their possession over 15 ships and estimated number of hostages.